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Film and video has long played an important part in showcasing and explaining what we do. It's also been used a lot in our internal communications. In fact we have a lot of acting talent out there in Futures. So scroll down and enjoy some of our finer moments in front of a camera...

An introduction to Futures Housing Group (2017)

This short clip was produced to give a quick overview of who we are and what we do (did) back in 2017. It's presented by our Chief Executive, Lindsey Williams, who also provided the voiceover. It also features cameo appearances from lots of people who are still working for us today.

Welcome to our brand (2019).

This short animation was produced to introduce and explain our new brand in 2019.

Our 20 years (2017).

2017 marked the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Group so the communications team produced this short animation to explain the 'story so far'.

Nigel Mills MP marks our fifth anniversary

Nigel Mills, MP for Amber Valley, had a few words to say about Futures Housing Group when we celebrated our fifth anniversary in 2012.

Daventry District Housing fifth anniversary

This video was produced to mark the fifth anniversary of the setting-up of Daventry & District Housing, which was later renamed Futures Homeway and still exists as a company within the group.

Highlights of the year (2017-18).

This video was produced alongside our annual review for 2017-18 to give a quick overview of the year.

Acquisition of 470 new homes (2018).

In 2018 we acquired a large number of new homes from another housing association - Notting Hill Genesis. This video explains how and why.

Our teams and the corporate plan (2017)

In 2017 teams from across Futures made their own fun 'showcase' videos to explain how they were helping the organisation to deliver against the corporate plan. All the clips were put together into this compilation for a staff event.

(Apologies for any music copyright issues - it was all done just for fun). 

Data protection campaign (2017-18)

Our communications team ran a witty and very effective campaign in 2017-18 to help our teams understand the importance of new data protection measures. Based around a fictional character 'the Infomaniac' it featured several clips over the year to inform and educate people. Here's the final one in the series....

Mr T's procurement rules (2018)

We have a tradition of using humour to get our messages home sometimes. This clip, feature a Mr T impersonator (for those who are too young to remember 'The A Team' click here) to help ensure our people followed the rules when procuring goods and services.

'Snowmageddon' (2018)

When 'the Beast from the East' brought the midlands to a freezing standstill in 2018, our frontline teams rose to the challenge. This clip shows how.

Shelter fundraiser (2018)

This video shows how our teams raised £20,000 for homelessness charity Shelter through some stellar fundraising. 

My Account launch (2017)

My Account is our self-service portal designed to help you deal with Futures when and where it's convenient. We produced this clip as part of the launch.

Solving the Housing Puzzle (2017)

This video gives highlights of an event we hosted at the National Space Centre in Leicester in 2017 to talk about how to solve the housing crisis.

Greenscape's fifth anniversary (2016)

A short celebratory clip to mark five years of our landscaping and training company, Greenscape.

Corporate plan (2012)

A video overview of our corporate plan as it was back in 2012 - just five years after Futures Housing Group was established.