Futures Homescape Logo Reframed

The futures Homescape story

Amber Valley Housing changed its name to Futures Homescape in 2011. This was largely because people were getting the organisation mixed up with Amber Valley Borough Council. Changing the name was a way of making things clearer. We had also started to branch out into other parts of the East Midlands so having a name tied to a particular location was no longer making sense. The design of the new logo also mirrored the Group's logo to clearly show the connection.

Futures Homescape still legally exists as a separate organisation within the Group although on a day-to-day basis this is really an administrative detail to help us manage and account for the homes we own and manage that were previously owned by Amber Valley Council. 

If you want to see how it fits into the Group structure you can check out this chart. Futures Homescape is likely to disappear as a separate organisation in 2022 as part of work to simplify our structure.