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The Daventry & District Housing story

In 2016, Daventry & District Housing became fully integrated into Futures Housing Group. However, traces of it still exist in our structure.

For administrative reasons we needed to keep clear lines of accountability for the homes that had previously been owned and managed by Daventry & District Housing within the Group's work. It was renamed Futures Homeway, to be consistent with the way other parts of the Group are named, and it remains as a legal entity within the Group. But for day-to-day purposes, this makes little or no difference to our customers and those we do business with. 

We are planning to merge the two 'legacy' organisations - Futures Homeway and Futures Homescape - into a single body in 2022 to help simplify our structure. Again, this will make little or no difference for our customers on a day-to-day basis. 

Visit the Screening Room to find a video produced to mark its fifth anniversary.


A rare snapshot of one of the Daventry & District Housing vans outside the Nene House office in Daventry.

Jane On Reception At DDH

Receptionist Jane welcomed visitors to DDH at Nene House, together with this beautiful flower arrangement.

DDH Repairs Team In Their Branded Uniforms

A few of the DDH repairs team posing proudly in front of their van.

DDH Cakes Made By A Customer

A grateful customer sent in these amazing vehicle cakes as a thank-you.

DDH New Development

DDH boarding outside one of our early development sites in Woodford Halse in 2011.

Tenant's Handbooks DDH

The DDH tenants' handbook alongside its predecessor from the district council.

Working In Tenants Homes Working Group At DDH

This 'Working in tenants' homes' working group helped oversee the major improvement programme at DDH from a customer point of view.

Make A Difference Day DDH 1

Teams throughout DDH enthusiastically took part in Make a Difference Day activities. Here's a few colleagues marking the occasion.

Make A Difference Day DDH 3

Another team was out helping in a local school as their contribution to Make a Difference Day.

Make A Difference Day DDH 2

Another in the series of Make a Difference day snapshots.

Make A Difference Day DDH 4

And here we have two team members outdoors making a difference!