AVHL Logo Reframed

The Amber Valley Housing story

Amber Valley Housing was a not-for-profit landlord set up by Amber Valley Borough Council in 2003 to manage its former 'council housing' stock. It originally managed 5,460 homes.

Lindsey Williams became the first Chief Executive of Amber Valley Housing and she is still CEO of Futures Housing Group today. The first Chairman of Amber Valley Housing was Cllr Norman Bull who was succeeded by Dr Mark Flynn later in 2003.

The 15-strong first Board of Management included tenants, local councillors and independent members.

One of the first major pieces of work set in motion was a £50m, five-year investment programme in customers' homes.

Amber Valley Housing was renamed Futures Homescape in 2001.

The first Futures Housing logo paid tribute to the Amber Valley Housing logo. The five different coloured rings were meant as a reminder of the five coloured doors you can see in the original. 

Tea towel featuring Amber Valley Housing branding

We don't have many physical objects left from 2003 that go back to our time as Amber Valley Housing, but in our move out of Asher House in 2021 we were lucky to find this tea towel that also features the logos of some other organisations we were working with at the time.

AVHL Fridge Magnet

One of our team members also found this well worn fridge magnet - given out to some of our first customers to help them easily find our contact numbers when they needed to get in touch.

First AVHL Newsletter Cover 2003

This is a snapshot of the front cover of the first customer newsletter from Amber Valley Housing dating right back to November 2003. The newsletter, later named 'Open Door' was a regular feature to help keep our customers informed and engaged.

AVHL Tenant Handbook Reframed

Here's the cover of our first handbook for tenants which contained a wealth of information about managing their homes and how to get the best out of working with their landlord.

AVHL First Birthday Invite Reframed

Each member of staff got a personalised card from Lindsey Williams, CEO, to mark our first birthday as Amber Valley Housing.

AVHL 2003 Christmas Party Reframed

Here's a nice reminder of our first ever staff Christmas party!