Hundreds of people have worked for Futures Housing Group since it was created. And some of the people who worked for the organisations that evolved into Futures Housing Group are still working here today. This section of the museum brings together some of our personal memories from over the years.


Gaynor's memories

As a neighbourhood officer in Kilburn I worked with the local youth team on a project to get young people tidying the estate and reducing anti-social behaviour in the area. This included an estate clean-up, a chippy lunch in the community centre and a rewarding trip to the pantomime. 

The youth team got involved in activities that I attended. One evening a young girl of 11 told me it was her birthday the following week and they were having a barbeque. I said I would bring her a birthday cake, to which she said: "I bet you don't". No pressure then! 

I bought a large birthday cake and 'bejazzled' it with a gold ribbon, sparklers and gold stars. When I got to the youth club the young lady ran up to me, took the cake and wouldn't put it down. She was showing everyone. I later found out this was the first birthday cake she’d ever had!​

Jonathan West

Jonathan's memories

I was asked to make a speech at our AGM shortly after I started working at Futures as a mature apprentice plumber (around 2005). Having previously worked in banking for 16 years it was deemed a good story to talk about my change in career direction and how Futures offered me the opportunity to get work experience, re-train and gain my qualifications as a plumber. Although I was a little nervous, being asked to deliver a speech in front of 200 or so people which was definitely outside my comfort zone, it was quite an exhilarating moment and I think I did ok!


Jo's memories

Daventry & District Housing's staff originally filled two floors at Nene House in Daventry. It was a great local team with lots of fun in the office and endless cake in the break room! There was greater collaboration between Daventry and Derby districts and plenty of opportunity to branch into different teams to experience and understand how teams worked.

I remember well when the Independent Living team for sheltered housing were the first to 'go mobile' through a project which allowed officers to work remotely and become paper free.

I'll always be particularly proud of what we did for Make A Difference Day. It was a yearly occurrence that free’d teams up to go out into the community or work on a small project for our customers. It was selfless and bought everyone together.

Luke 2

Luke's memories

I can't believe it was 2017 when we did the big walk for Shelter (I say we...I drove between canal bridges).

I remember being in complete awe at the group of determined colleagues who walked between Asher House and Nene House. It’s definitely one of my big moments working at Futures.

Portrait photo of Karen Allen

Karen's memories

The organisation was more bureaucratic and seemed very traditional when I started. However, one thing that has remained the same is the sense of family and looking out for each other.

During my induction I went to a site where some flats were being transformed. I got a real sense of pride that we were taking something that wasn’t fit for purpose and changing it for the better. I also remember being made to go up a ladder and walk around the scaffolding so I could see the site better!

The excitement and pride that everyone displayed when we won IiP Gold was also a big moment for me It felt like everyone was invested in it and everyone played a part in the achievement of it.

Lee Pratt

Lee's memories

Back in the old Amber Valley Housing (AVH) and Amber Valley Borough Council (AVBC) days, Futures had a huge crowbar that the Repairs team bricklayers all loved! 

It was huge and saved loads of time and effort breaking up floors, paths, patios etc. When one of the brickies left and emigrated to Australia no one could find the said bar… then it turned up in a photo being used at Freemantle Prison. So the history of Futures, AVH and AVBC spans all continents!

Jade 1

Jade's memories

I have many good memories, from winning Communications Team of the Year to raising lots of money for Shelter and Macmillan.

The charity work we have done in the past makes me especially proud. We raised £20k for Shelter from a variety of fundraising events and I raised over £1,000 for Macmillan from a coffee morning/raffle when my stepdad was diagnosed with cancer. The generosity and kindness of team members will always be something I'm proud to be part of.


Liam's memories

I remember when we were called into the old boardroom by Lindsey at 9.30am in the morning because we had got the Investors in People award and we drank champagne to celebrate.

I'll also never forget when we went to the Housing Heroes award in London. It was at a a very posh venue in the centre of town. The event was quite good fun, even though it was hosted by Michael Portillo! We might have benefitted from extra wine when a table near us left before we did… very expensive wine may I add!