Providing homes may be a big part of what we do - but first and foremost we see ourselves as a 'people organisation'. It's what happens in a house or flat that makes it a home - and supporting people to live well in their homes is also a big part of our work. We're a big employer in the region too and work with lots of other organisations so Futures touches a lot of people's lives. In this part of the Futures Museum we share just a few of the many stories of how we've affected people across the East Midlands. Click on the buttons below to see Futures from a range of different perspectives over the years.

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Lisa's story

Lisa had been a Futures' customer for 14 years when she started experiencing abuse at the hands of one of her family members. Visit our main website to read more about how we supported her to live more safely and securely.

Daniel Morris 1

Daniel's story

Two bereavements left Danie struggling with loneliness and depression. In this video clip (links to YouTube) he explains how Futures' employment advice service supported him back into work.

A notebook and pen sit on a white desk beside an iPhone and three small succulents in white pots.

Lisa's story

The Covid-19 pandemic left Lisa without work but found her way onto an apprenticeship scheme with Derby City Council with a little help from Futures. Read more on our main website.

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Wayne's story

A freak accident at work didn't just physically hurt Wayne - it also triggered poor mental health, unemployment and homelessness. Find out how Futures supported him to get back on his feet.