Futures Housing Group has been providing affordable homes and supporting people across the East Midlands for over a decade. Our origins go back even further. 

Our vision is to create great places, great services and great tomorrows.

We're a not-for-profit organisation registered with the Regulator of Social Housing and work within all the high standards and regulations expected of all housing associations. We currently meet the regulator's highest standards of G1/V1 (which are measures of the strength of our governance and finances).

We have more than 10,300 homes extending from Derbyshire down to the Daventry area and beyond. We have ambitious plans to invest more over £193m in building new homes by 2024. To see where we work now and where we want to expand, take a look at this map.

We help our customers through a range of services designed to help them live well and independently. This includes offering money and employment advice and providing extra support to older customers and those with special needs.

Our story begins in 2003 when Amber Valley Housing was formed through a large-scale voluntary stock transfer of social housing from the local council. Futures Housing Group was created in 2007 and acquired Daventry and District Housing from the local council in the same year. As part of our ambition to keep growing, we launched our grounds maintenance social enterprise, Futures Greenscape, in 2011. It merged into Futures Housing Group in 2020. Then in 2015, we launched our own commercial development company, Limehouse.

To find out more about our work today check out our main website and read our latest corporate plan and annual review.

And to find out more about our history and what we've achieved so far, check out the timeline on our 'history at a glance' page.